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Monthly Archives: January 2017

Plan an Outbound Training in Bangalore

Scheduling an outbound training would not be tough for you if you would go with the tips mention below. Let’s check it out.

  • What About the Learning Needs – First, you need to dig out what kind of objectives you wish to target by arranging this Outbound training Bangalore. It is quite essential to come up with the objectives since it makes you get rid of the dilemma. It is essential to add that you must avoid too many learning objectives since it may ruin the pleasure of the trip-cum-training.
  • Choose The Right Location – This is the next step to follow to with the right kind of planning in respect of Outbound training Bangalore. Have you chosen the location? If not then you may go with FeverPitch Basecamp which is quite popular for organizing this kind of outbound training. It is the best place since there is a wide array of activities is served under the experts. They guide as well as take-care of you. It is located at the best place and surrounded by the incredible greenery to make the visitors lovely and incredible.
  • Preparing the Participants – This training would not worth without having the required participants. In this context, you just need to confirm how many employees or team members are ready to embark on this wonderful journey. There is no need to add that outbound learning programs mean having involvement of participants. They share their experience, ideas and feedback to make it every activity successful and memorable.
  • Discuss Budget To Stay Away From Confusion – There is a number of service providers available online and that is why you need to spare some time to go for searching. Once you go for searching and come up with the right platform then you may have conversations with them to discuss the budget. The great thing is that many service providers also customize their budget according to the needs and requirements of the customers. You just need to share your needs and requirements in a discreet manner.

Feverpitch Basecamp takes pride caters the quality base outbound training with its strong and well-experienced team. With years of experience, we are oozing with the confidence that you are not making any wrong decision choosing us. We are going ahead with the vision of satisfying and serving the memorable outbound training.

The Best Sri Lanka Beaches

From ancient times, the beautiful beaches of Sri Lanka have been able to captivate the hearts and minds of all those who were lucky enough to set foot on their shores. The warm and friendly climate and glistening grains of sands being greeted by clear blue waters surround the entire island welcoming all those who arrive to the land. Many have fallen in love with these beaches and vow to return back for more. Apart from the amazing beauty, these locations have gained immense popularity as locations to enjoy fun filled adventure sports as well.

As Sri Lanka is an island that covers a very small area, travelling from coast to coast is quite easy. This is great because it allows visitors to enjoy all the luxuries offered at every coast. In terms of beach locations the west coast and south coast of the island that feature tourist hotspots like Bentota, Colombo, Galle, Hikkaduwa and many more could be said to be the most visited coastal locations in the island. The north and east coast beaches that include locations like Arugambay Beach, Uppuveli, Nilaveli among others are less crowded but are truly breathtaking due to their well-preserved natural beauty.

Popular Beach Sports To Enjoy in Sri Lanka Beaches Windsurfing

The breathtaking beauty of these pristine quality beaches would definitely have captivated all those of you who travel to this amazing island. But this scenic beauty is not the only quality that is there to be enjoyed. Among the many things this island is popular for, it is well known around the world as one of the best locations for Windsurfing. For instance Arugambay Beach has been identified as a world-class surfing location and has been able to attract even professional surfers who recommend the location for such activities.


Diving is by far one of the most rewarding experiences you can have as you explore the vast diversity of marine life. And there is no better place in the world where you can enjoy this activity as well as you can do in this magnificent country. The amazing beaches like Bentota, Hikkaduwa, Unawatuna, Negombo, Kalpitiya, and Nilaveli are some of the best places where you can enjoy such activities. Since many local and foreign tourists visit these areas to enjoy such activities, there are several trained professionals and places where you can rent out necessary gear to carry out these activities in a safe and enjoyable manner.

Visit of Philadelphia’s History & Cultural Spots

Philadelphia was declared as the capital of the newly formed United States of America for the period 1790 to 1800 before the capital city was shifted to its present location in Washington D.C. Also known as the “city of brotherly love” Philadelphia is not on the top of the must visit places for many tourists. However, for visitors who are keen followers of American history, no other city comes close to the mark. Another big advantage for tourists and visitors is that the whole city can be covered easily in a day or two using Philadelphia’s famous red double-decker hop-on and hop-off bus tours.

Special Transportation Buses

There are many ways that tourists and visitors to Philadelphia can use to tour the historical spots in the city; besides that it also has a great zoo, many museums, art galleries, etc. One of the best, cheapest, and efficient ways to see Philadelphia is to use the excellent hop-on hop-off bus tours which run all day long; each tour lasts one hour and forty five minutes and covers all the historical places as well as other locations in the city. If the group is a large one, then there are transport services in Philadelphia which provide bus rentals in Philadelphia; they can choose from a variety of excellent vehicles which can seat up to 75 persons.

Corporate Events

Corporates have found that a bus rental in Philadelphia is a perfect way to transport visitors and employees visiting the city for conferences or corporate events. They are a popular mode of transportation for group events like proms, weddings, sporting events, bachelor/bachelorette parties, and birthday parties. For showcasing a special occasion or publicity for a product/service launch, companies can hire Philadelphia’s iconic red double-decker open-topped buses. This form of transport has proved to be very popular; visitors do not have to worry finding their way around a new city and looking for parking.

Visitors Benefit

For first time and/or regular visitors, sightseeing in Philadelphia is something very few people get tired of, mainly because there is much to see and do. In a bid to assist tourists find their way around the city, bus companies have come up with the hop-on hop-off bus concept with tickets which are valid for 24, 48, and 72 hours. This ticket allows tourists to visit most of the places of interest in the city on Philadelphia’s famous open-topped double-decker bus. The tour averages one hour and forty five minutes and there are nearly 27 stops at places of historical or special interest. Visitors have the option of alighting and visiting at any of these points for more detailed study and hopping back on a bus to continue their tour.

Philadelphia is the one-stop destination for the best of America’s freedom struggle, its history, culture, gourmet, as well as showcasing the American way of life.

Travelling to Cuba

So, you’re going to travel Cuba. That’s fantastic! A Cuban vacation is very exciting. There’s so much to see and do. The white sand beaches are beautiful and the turquoise water is clear and warm. Don’t forget to swim in the water and look for starfish and see the stunning coral reefs. Don’t forget to stroll the cobblestone streets and listen to the wonderful Afro-Cuban and Latin music and enjoy the antique cars. Don’t forget to dine on the delicious cuisine and sip the homegrown coffee.

If you haven’t already, it’s wise to contact a Cuban Private Travel Agency and have them arrange your lodging.

Where are you staying? There are many hotels, lodges, and all-inclusive resorts in Cuba that offer fantastic accommodations. There is, however, an interesting, cost-saving alternative you might want to consider.

But, don’t forget, should you still want luxury, your Cuban Private Travel Agent can still arrange for you to stay in that resort penthouse!

“Que Bolaa”

The friendly people of Cuba often say “Que Bolaa” to ask “what are you doing?” “how are you going to have fun?” and “what are you going to do?” When a visitor is asked “Que Bolaa,” they are no longer a visitor, but a native – a resident – one who belongs. It’s as Cuban as rum and cigars (“Puros”).

When United States President Barack Obama arrived on the island, he said “Que Bolaa” in order to connect with the people. Such is why “Que Bolaa” Cuba Travel chose the expression for their agency.

“Que Bolaa” Cuba Travel

“Que Bolaa” Cuba Travel, as the expression naturally suggests, treats the Cuban traveler as a Cuban native. It aims to show the traveler Cuba just as the residents know and love it. While “Que Bolaa” Cuba Travel will show you tourist sites, it will also show you the sites only the residents know and love.

Private Homestays /Casa Particular

A Private Cuban Homestay or “Casa Particular”, in simple terms, is a Cuban bed and breakfast. Local families provide lodgings to vacationers in their homes. No two Homestays are alike and each offers vacationers something fun and unique. Staying with a local family, for many travelers, often results in the nicest way for them to enjoy the country. Many hosts speak English, are gourmet cooks, and know exactly where you should go to enjoy Cuba – not just the usual “tourist” sites. Best of all, a Cuban Homestay / Casa Particular is extremely affordable – many are a mere percent of the cost of a hotel.

There are a few some downsides. Meals are served at certain times and if you miss them, that’s it (but, you can always eat out). Bathrooms may be limited and you might have to share them. And, they’re not as luxurious as a fancy hotel and lack the amenities hotels and inclusive resorts offer. That’s it, however, and the extreme costs savings benefit for some may outweigh these mere negatives.

Cuba Top Tours Excursions

There are also tours and excursions to enjoy. “Que Bolaa” Cuba Travel can plan ahead of time for you and such is recommended in order to make things easier and also avoid carrying cash. As well, if you don’t speak Spanish, having the agency arrange round trip tours and excursions is very helpful as most of the locals only speak that language. Some of the top tours and excursions include:

  • a two day excursion in Habana (Havana), where you can see the glorious baroque architecture, tour Habana’s Historical Center, see the Castillo de la Real Fuerza, Plaza de Armas, La Bodeguita del Medio, and a host of other fascinating places. To be in touch with the Cuban reality.
  • an excursion to Varadero Vinales, one of Cuba’s most stunning areas. A tour of Varadero Vinales includes a visit to a Habana Cigar Factory and a tobacco farmhouse, a stop at Los Jasmines viewpoint, and horseback riding through Vinales.
  • an excursion to Santa Clara, Trinidad, and Cienfuegos. In Santa Clara, there’s a visit to the hero Che Guevara’s mausoleum. Then, it’s onto Cienfuegos – the Pearl of the South, which is a World Heritage Site. Then, it’s onto Trinidad, which lies between the Caribbean Sea and the Escambray Mountains. Charming Trinidad is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. And, then there’s an overnight excursion to Nicho Trinidad, which includes the waterfalls in the El Nicho mountain range.