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A Simple Vacation in a Luxurious Setting

My husband has been wanting to go to Hawaii ever since we were first married. He wanted us to go there for our honeymoon, but we just did not have the money. That is no longer the case since my husband is a publisher author of several best selling books. Even though we have been very fortunate when it comes to money, we still had not been to Hawaii for one reason or another. I decided to change that. I searched for name of Hawaii Big Island to see where we should go, which is how I found the Cuvee Hualalai Estate on Big Island.

When I saw that there are five bedrooms there, I knew it was perfect because I was not planning this trip just for the two of us. I wanted him to enjoy it as much as possible, which meant bringing along the other important people in his life. My sister and her two kids were invited along with his best friend and his wife. When I showed my sister and my friend the pictures of this home, it did not take much to convince them to come as our guests.

The house was amazing. It is a luxury home, but the pictures just could not do it justice. The view outside is brilliant, and I spent the first night on the deck just watching the sunset as I had never seen anything so colorful or gorgeous in my life. My husband and his friend golfed and went snorkeling, while we girls went shopping and got pampered at the local resort. It was just an incredible time of bonding, for all of us as well as individually too. Some of our best times there was just sitting around the fire pit talking about our day. It really was a simple vacation in a luxury setting!