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A Simple Vacation in a Luxurious Setting

My husband has been wanting to go to Hawaii ever since we were first married. He wanted us to go there for our honeymoon, but we just did not have the money. That is no longer the case since my husband is a publisher author of several best selling books. Even though we have been very fortunate when it comes to money, we still had not been to Hawaii for one reason or another. I decided to change that. I searched for name of Hawaii Big Island to see where we should go, which is how I found the Cuvee Hualalai Estate on Big Island.

Destinations to Jordan

1 – Amman City – What I like about this city is it offers great shopping opportunities for both souvenirs & daily stuff. It’s also quite influential in terms of food, particularly pastries that are pretty irresistible. I would not recommend it highly for sightseeing though – a day is enough!

2 – The Dead Sea should be on top of your list if you want to witness the most unique geological phenomenon of Jordan. The panorama of Dead Sea is amongst the top 10 views you’ll ever find in the Middle East. Taking a bathe in the Dead sea will be greatly appreciated by your kids – floating on the water of Dead Sea is an adventure in itself.

3 – Madaba is a vital Christian city that provides a superb marketplace for local foods and handicrafts. Don’t miss out a walking tour while you are in this city. The latest resurgence of Mosaic schools offer the travelers with the chance to witness how mosaics are composed and to buy at decent prices.

4 – Close by, don’t miss out the Hammamat Ma’in, the popular thermal baths. The relaxing facilities available here enable you as well as your kids to relish the hot spring water after a tiresome day in Madaba.

5 – The Wadi Rum is a must if you wan to experience the desert life of Jordan. The landscape has a magic in it and the local nomadic populace will take you 1,000 years back in time. It’s also an excellent way to introduce your kids to alternative life-styles & the worth of cultural dissimilarities.

For the fortunate travelers who can afford a day or 2 in their travel itinerary to sleep over at one of the Bedouin desert camps, it could be a memorable way of uncovering the soul back to basics.

6 – Petra is the best you can get in Jordan. You should schedule a full-day trip to explore everything that Petra has to offer. The landscape here is pretty unique and plenty of archaeological spectacles to be discover.ed Exploring the thousand years old caves in Petra is a unique experience that you and your kids don’t want to miss.

Some of the best attractions that you don’t wish to miss during your Jordan tours to Petra are The Treasury, Street of Facades, The Royal Tombs, The Great Temple, The Monastery, etc. Though the entry fee to Petra is hefty, but it deserve the investment.

7 – Aquaba is recognized as the southern gem of Jordan. The beaches here are moderate, but the gulf feature much of the hidden fun. A ‘must-do’ activity when you are here in Aqaba is definitely scuba dive. You also don’t want to miss the incredible marine life available here.

Travel Guide to Scandinavia

1. Incredible Natural Phenomena

The Northern Europe is home to some of the World’s spectacular natural phenomena. One of the most astonishing is the Northern Lights (also known as Aurora Borealis). This occurs when a large beam of electrons streams in along the magnetic field of the Earth and collides with the air particles. This creates a fluorescent reflection of light, which is just mesmerizing. Considered as one of the most spellbinding natural spectacles, this is one experience which you have to experience once in your lifetime.

Another one is Midnight Sun, during which sun is visible for a full 24 hours a day. The best place to experience Midnight Sun is North Cape in Norway, the northernmost point in Europe. Best time is mid-May to July end.

2. Paradise for Foodies

If you are a foodie and want to experience rich, authentic seafood, Scandinavia offers the best of the experience. Not only seafood, you can gorge on delicious open-faced sandwiches, which are just everywhere. You will also a wide range of bread varieties throughout. When in Sweden, do not miss out on the lip-smacking sandwich cakes, or Smorgastorta, which is literally a cake with layers of sandwiches.

3. Home of Skiing

Who doesn’t like adventure sports. And what’s more amazing than experience one in its place of origin. Yes, Norway, where skiing was invented, provides ample skiing opportunities for enthusiasts, from regular skiing, to ski jumping, biathlon and cross country skiing. Getting sporty isn’t limited to skiing only. You can indulge in some enthralling sailing across the lakes, oceans. This is one activity which Scandinavians truly love.

4. Feel the Snow – Love the Falling Rain

Located in Northern Europe, the weather is quite cold, especially in winter, when you will see sheets of snow everywhere. This is the perfect place to feel the calm, chilling snowfall, and cuddle up with your partner, or play around with your kids. Not just snow, the Scandinavians will tell you what rain is all about as this place receives a great amount of rainfall throughout. And what is amazing is that people just carry along, as it doesn’t affect anything at all.

5. Experience the Awesome Life of Scandinavians

If you want to experience what good quality of life is, then travel to Denmark, Norway, Sweden. From loving to cook and eat in the home rather than outside, to enjoy a smooth, fully operated public transport system, there is so much way better than other places.From basic amenities to high-level services and systems, everything is so perfectly organized. The cities, including streets, roads and all, are impressively clean and fresh-looking, each and every time.

Not just the daily routine, you will experience some amazing festivities here too, as evidenced by the Sweden’s midsummer festival. It involves dancing around the maypole and sing children’s songs. Girls sway around wearing flower crowns, all this is too much fun and entertaining.

Visit in Ooty

Ooty is a town and municipality in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It is located 80 km north of Coimbatore and is the capital of the Nilgiris district. It is a popular hill station located in the Nilgiri Hills. Apart from pleasant weather, Ooty Lake, Botanical Garden, Rose Garden, Wenlock Downs, Pine Forest, and Emerald Lake are the popular Ooty sightseeing places. The toy train, known as Nilgiri Mountain Railway that runs from Mettupalayam to Ooty is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a must be experienced. The train route wends its way through many hair-raising curves and fearful tunnels and chugs along beside deep ravines full of verdant vegetation, gurgling streams and tea gardens. Ooty is one of the best hill stations in India and also one of the top places to experince Tamilnadu Tourism.

Ooty Lake & Boat Club

Ooty lake is located in Ooty in the Nilgiris district, Tamil Nadu, India. It covers an area of 65 acres. The Boat house situated by the lake, which offers boating facilities to tourists, is a major tourist attraction in Ooty. Ooty lake is an artificial lake constructed by John Sullivan, in 1824. The water flowing down mountain streams in the Ooty valley was dammed to form the lake. The lake became empty on three occasions when it breached its bund. The lake was originally intended to be used for fishing with ferries being used to travel across the lake. It gradually shrunk from its original size giving place to the current bus stand race course, and the lake park.

Botanical Gardens

Botanical Garden was laid out in 1847 and is presently maintained by the government of Tamil Nadu. This is one of the top tourist places to visit in Ooty and also one of the best botanical gardens in India. It is situated at a distance of 4.5 km from Ooty Lake.

Kamaraj Sagar / Sandynalla Reservoir

The Kamaraju Sagar Dam (also known as Sandynalla reservoir) is in the Nilgiris district of Tamil Nadu state in India. It is located at a distance of 10 km from the Ooty bus stand. It is a picnic spot and a film shooting spot on the slopes of the Wenlock Downs.

Dodabetta Peak

Dodabetta is the highest mountain in the Nilgiri Hills at 2,637 metres. There is a reserved forest area around the peak. It is 9 km from Ooty, on the Ooty-Kotagiri Road in the Nilgiris District of Tamil Nadu, South India. It is a popular tourist attraction with road access to the summit. It is the fourth highest peak in South India next to Anamudi, Mannamalai and Meesapulimala. The peaks Hecuba, Kattadadu and Kulkudi are the three closely linked summits in the west of the Doddabetta range near to Udagamandalam.

Wenlock Downs

Wenlock Downs is a vast Expanse of grassy meadow and is a favorite picnic spot from Ooty. This is one of the most scenic places in Ooty and also one of the best Ooty tourist places. Along with Ooty Lake, this place is most commonly presented for Ooty Tourism.

Pykara Dam & Reservoir

Pykara Dam built on Pykara river amidst dense forest is a beautiful destination offering breathtaking scenery. This is one of the best among Ooty places to visit and an ideal place to experience beautiful boat ride. Pykara is the largest river in Nilgiri District. A boat house is developed & maintained by Tamil Nadu Tourism Development Corporation. Boating in Pykara lake is a memorable experience.

Pykara Falls

Pykara Falls is a majestic falls formed by Pykara River on downstream of the reservoir. This is one of the best waterfalls in Ooty. The falls cascade down through multiple layers on the rocky bed providing a unique beauty to the stream.

Rose Garden

Rose Garden was established in 1995 to commemorate the centenary of Ooty flower show. It is situated at a distance of 3.5 km from Ooty Lake. This garden consists of five terraces in an area of 10 acres and has more than 2800 variety of roses.

Things to Research before going to Qinghai for Bird Watching

Here are a few things you need to research.

Take A Look

  • Know About The Weather – The first thing that you need to research before visiting Qinghai is about its weather. To know about the weather you can browse the internet or some China-based travel magazine. Or else, you can also go to a reputed China tourism agency and ask them directly. Usually, most of the agencies that arrange China birding tour in Qinghai say that this province has a typical plateau continental climate, which means you will face climatic issues like drying, windiness, less rain, cold and long sunshine hours.
  • Know Where You Can Find Endemic Birds – Next thing that you need to know is about the best birding spots in this province. For this too, you need to research on the web and magazines. When I visited this province booking Qinghai bird watching tour, they said there are three main spots for bird-watching. And the spots were- Qinghai Lake Nature Reserve, Sanjiangyuan Reserve and Longbaotan Nature Reserve. You will seriously be able to see numerous birds in these areas.
  • Types Of Birds You Can See – Last but not the least, since you love birding, it will be best if you research about the types of birds found in this province. During my trip to Qinghai, some of the really eye-catchy and exotic birds that I came across were the Black stork, Lammergeier and White-tailed Eagle. To see these birds, best visit Longbaotan Nature Reserve in Qinghai during spring or summer.

These were the three things you need to research no matter how well-known the agency is from where you are booking the China Birding Tour package. So, do the research and fly to this lovely province for an amazing bird-watching experience.

Tips visit Far North Queensland

If you’ve never visited tropical Queensland before, the following tips might prove to be of real value.

  • Book your accommodation ahead, particularly if visiting outside of November to May.

In the peak holiday season, the best Cairns and Palm Cove apartment accommodation will be booked up fast. Yes, the old “book early to avoid disappointment” is something of a cliche but in this area it’s sound advice.

  • Watch out for ‘special deal’ offers – they can be great!

Some cynics will tell you that ‘special deals’ involve people trying to offload the holidays nobody else wants. That is NOT TRUE! Holiday providers may have many reasons for discounting holidays – for example, perhaps they just need to keep up their booking quotas for a given period. So, keep your eyes open and save dollars!

  • Don’t disregard the ‘rainy season’.

Running normally from about November to May, the wetter time of year is also the quieter period. Prices may be lower and the resorts a little quieter. In the minds of some, that more than compensates for hotter days and the chance of a tropical shower.

  • Remember to take precautions against the tropical sun

Tropical heat can be very deceptive. Dehydration can occur if you’re careless and the sun can be very strong even if cooled by sea breezes. So, remember the screen cream and don’t overdo the time in the sun – particularly in the first day or so of your holiday.

  • Explore the countryside.

Given the marvellous seas, beaches, the Great Barrier Reef and luxury accommodation with (usually) superb water features, it’s perhaps understandable that many visitors don’t leave the coast.

That would be a pity, as there’s so much else to see in the surrounding countryside. Just take the Daintree Rainforest as one example! So, try and make the effort to get out and about inland while you’re there.

  • Obey the local sea bathing safety instructions

Most locals will tell you that a lot of discussion about stingers and sharks is wildly exaggerated by those who have little real knowledge or experience of the area.

However, this region is nature as it was created and just like all such locations, there are local safety instructions that all visitors and locals should comply with. Don’t make the mistake of ignoring them because you have suddenly decided that you know better.

  • Try out Cairns’ cultural side.

There are a significant number of galleries, theatres, concert halls and other such venues in Cairns. The cultural scene here is often widely under-sold by locals and that’s a pity because it’s excellent.

It should be easy to find a programme of events for the days/weeks you’re visiting so get out and explore the town’s highbrow nightlife. It’s great!

  • Leave your ‘dressy’ wardrobe at home – unless you really want to make an effort.

Almost all social life in this part of the coast is VERY relaxed and laid-back. Virtually nowhere requires formal dress, so if you want to save space in your suitcases, leave the DJs, evening dresses and cocktail frocks at home. You won’t need them.

Reasons to Visit Havana

Here are some reasons why Havana is so incredible and unforgettable:

Old cars

Havana is very popular for the amazing colorful old American cars that you can find almost everywhere. No other city in the world can impress you with such a huge number of old vehicles. If you think that these cars are used as simply as trophies, you will be surprised to know that they are used by Cubans for their day-to-day means of transportation.

Retro charm

If you plan a trip to Havana, include a stop for ice cream at Coppelia in your list of must-see places. The charm of this spot is very special, as the retro ambiance makes you feel like you have traveled into the past. The ice-cream parlor chain was originally established in 1966, and it seems like it hasn’t changed since then.

Though the selection of flavors is not huge, the lines are long and the place is incredibly popular.


There is another interesting specialty in Cuba that will surprise you: the coco-taxi. These little yellow rickshaw-type vehicles can be seen only in Havana and Varadero. They have three seats, with the driver in the front and two passengers behind. They’re called coco-taxis because they look like a coconut with a roof combed over the top of the vehicle. You should try to catch a ride in this hilarious taxi and enjoy the amazing Cuban atmosphere.

Havana Vieja

Stroll along Havana Vieja (Old Havana) and enjoy the picturesque architecture, bright colors and vivid ambiance of the winding streets. Walk around Havana Vieja in the late evening, when it is particularly beautiful. Central Havana is very different from Havana Vieja, which is most tourists’ favorite place in the city. Take a walk along the main road called Prado, wide and long, with rich verdant trees along its spacious walkway. Take a picture near the National Capital Building and enjoy the stunning calm and pleasant vibe of Havana.

Revolution Museum

A creation of Cuban and Belgian architects, the Museum of the Revolution is one of the most important places to visit in Havana, and one of the most famous. An incredible mixture of Spanish, French and German architectural styles, the Museum was originally built in 1920.

The building was the main house of the Cuban government for 40 years. All the main political decisions which have had a great influence on the country’s destiny were made here. Each exhibit covers the rise of the Cuban nation to the present, including the history of Cuba, archeology, weapons, paintings and sculptures.

The Most Exciting Islands in The World

Islas Flotantes (floating islands)

The incredible Islas Flotantes (floating islands) in South America are Lake Titicaca’s main tourist attraction. Although their popularity has led to massive over-commercialization, there is still nothing quite like them anywhere else in the world. The biggest island has several buildings, including a school, post office and an overabundance of souvenir shops.

The locals of the islands are called Uros. There are about 2000 of them on the islands. The Islas Flotantes are protected within the Bay of Puno. For many years locals were separated and isolated from the world, which has influenced their life and traditions. Always a small tribe, the Uros now are one of the most famous populations in the world due to their unique floating home.

Their main activities are fishing and weaving and, as these islands have become extremely popular among tourists, now they are also involved in this activity. They also hunt birds such as seagulls, ducks and flamingos.

Easter Island

South America. Easter Island. Mountains. Statues.

Easter Island, a Chilean island in the southeastern Pacific Ocean, is one of the most incredible and popular islands in the world. It is extremely famous for its monumental statues, called moai. It’s creators, the Rapa Nui people, speak both the traditional Rapa Nui language and the first and main language of the island, Spanish.

The main reason why tourists keep coming to this island are the 887 monumental statues. They are considered to be mysterious, as no one knows exactly how these large statues were made by the people who lived here without modern instruments and technology to create and transport the statues. The biggest one, called Paro, was about 10 metres (33 ft) high and weighed 82 tons. The statues represent human figures and were named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1995. However, the island has a lot more to offer for its tourists, including gorgeous beaches, rocky caves, beautiful volcanoes, archeology sites, and the main town of Easter Island, Hanga Roa.

Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat, meaning Four Kings, is an island in the heart of the Coral Triangle. It has the highest marine diversity in the world (data from Conservation International); 75% of the world’s coral species have been recorded here, along with 1,430 species of reef fish and six of the world’s seven marine turtle species.

Raja Ampat is known as one of the world’s last wild places. This tropical island has the most amazing fauna and flora in the world. Its marine nature is amazing and will astonish you with its diversity. An environmental paradise for numerous fish species that are threatened with extinction elsewhere on the planet, Raja Ampat is the ideal holiday destination to enjoy a tropical hideaway. Here you can experience an unforgettable cultural vacation at a reasonable price. Note that the local economy along with the traditional owners of Raja Ampat are intensifying their efforts to preserve their environment and cultural heritage and traditions.

Usedom, an Island of ‘Singing’ Sand

Germans are well-known for their perfectionism and obsession with everything being made to the highest standards. Their beaches and islands are not an exception. Searching for the perfect getaway, they tend to travel all over the world, forgetting that their own country has a perfect beach in a remote hideaway by the Baltic Sea. This European paradise is called Usedom, but is widely known as “Singing Island”. Its gorgeous sand is so fine that it squeals when you walk on it. This peaceful white-sand seaside is two and a half hours from Berlin.

With landscaped verdant promenades, sparkling beaches, royal history and multiple spas, Usedom has become a true tourist magnet in recent years, which is wonderful, as the idea of walking on a beach with “singing sand” is extremely fascinating.

Palm Jumeirah, Dubai

Palm Jumeirah are three artificial islands, Palm Jumeirah, Deira Island and Palm Jebel Ali, which are located in the territory of the United Arab Emirates. The islands were built beginning in June 2001, and now Palm Island is one of the most exciting artificial islands in the world, as it is made in the shape of a palm. This island has a tree trunk and a crown with 16 fronds. The island’s surface is five kilometers by five kilometers. Adding 78 kilometers to the Dubai coastline, this island looks incredible from overhead. The construction of Palm Jebel Ali started in October 2002 and was intended to finish in 2015.

Palm Jumeirah was constructed totally from sand and rocks (interestingly, concrete and steel were not used to make the island, which is incredible). The Palm Jumeirah is a project of the Prince of Dubai, as it was his idea and design.

La Isla de la Munecas, Mexico (Island of the Dolls)

Located south of Mexico City, this island wasn’t a major tourist destination, and it would never have become one but for one unexpected event. Over fifty years ago, Don Julian Santana left his wife and child and decided to live alone on the island on Teshuilo Lake in the Xochimilco canals. He once wasn’t able to save a young girl he saw drowning in the lake, and, feeling guilty, he put her doll on a tree to pay his respects for this girl. Some say the girl didn’t exist, and others insist that Don Julian Santana just imagined her in order to not feel lonely. In any case, since then, the island has become known as Isla de las Munecas (Island of the Dolls).

After the death of Don Julian Santana the island became extremely popular among tourists, who found hundreds of dolls on trees throughout the island. Many visitors come here with new dolls, though the old ones can look extremely terrifying, especially in the dark.

Advantages that Spending Holidays in Resorts

In this fast paced life when people hardly find time for themselves, it gets quite difficult to relax and enjoy. Planning a holiday to a hill station seems quite an arduous task as there is lack of time between weekends and no holiday can be enjoyed in one or two days. However, it has now become quite possible for people to take short getaways to resorts for spending their weekends. Anyone looking to spend a satisfying and pleasing time can look forward going to resorts in karjat and can enjoy in the best and most satisfying manner. Here are few advantages that spending holidays in resorts provide to you :

  • One of the most rewarding aspects of spending holidays in resorts is that you can take a trip to a resort in a quick time and it provides you with a hill station like feeling. You enjoy in the lap of nature and get the facility of relaxing in a perfect manner. The most important benefit is that the trip is short, yet it provides you with joy and satisfaction that one can associate with spending a holiday in a hill station.
  • Resorts near Karjat and inside it consist in plenty and when you decide to enjoy a picnic or short holiday in a resort, you get the benefit of availing the best satisfaction at nominal prices. Since, resorts consist in plenty; they face competition and offer packages at quite competitive prices. This serves you quite well and you end up selecting a package at quite nominal rates without spending exorbitant funds.
  • A particular benefit that you experience with resorts is that you get the opportunity to avail best facilities. Things like wifi, swimming pool, adventure rides, slides and adventure activities like rifle shooting, air crossing and zip lining are activities that you can enjoy and get greater satisfaction. All these facilities are often found at hill stations and that proves quite a suitable benefit.
  • Since, resorts are built with planning, you get the facility of accommodation which is top class and rated highly. You need not compromise with the quality of accommodation and you stand quite suitable chance of relaxing yourself in the best manner. Many resorts provide facilities like day spa and massage where you can opt for a therapy for invigorating yourself.
  • When you hire the services of a resort for spending your holidays, you can choose a package according to your budget. This helps you avail the facility of having lunch and dinner in the resort restaurant and you do not have to face the hassle of searching for food. This facility is quite handy and provides quite unmatched satisfaction.

Plan an Outbound Training in Bangalore

Scheduling an outbound training would not be tough for you if you would go with the tips mention below. Let’s check it out.

  • What About the Learning Needs – First, you need to dig out what kind of objectives you wish to target by arranging this Outbound training Bangalore. It is quite essential to come up with the objectives since it makes you get rid of the dilemma. It is essential to add that you must avoid too many learning objectives since it may ruin the pleasure of the trip-cum-training.
  • Choose The Right Location – This is the next step to follow to with the right kind of planning in respect of Outbound training Bangalore. Have you chosen the location? If not then you may go with FeverPitch Basecamp which is quite popular for organizing this kind of outbound training. It is the best place since there is a wide array of activities is served under the experts. They guide as well as take-care of you. It is located at the best place and surrounded by the incredible greenery to make the visitors lovely and incredible.
  • Preparing the Participants – This training would not worth without having the required participants. In this context, you just need to confirm how many employees or team members are ready to embark on this wonderful journey. There is no need to add that outbound learning programs mean having involvement of participants. They share their experience, ideas and feedback to make it every activity successful and memorable.
  • Discuss Budget To Stay Away From Confusion – There is a number of service providers available online and that is why you need to spare some time to go for searching. Once you go for searching and come up with the right platform then you may have conversations with them to discuss the budget. The great thing is that many service providers also customize their budget according to the needs and requirements of the customers. You just need to share your needs and requirements in a discreet manner.

Feverpitch Basecamp takes pride caters the quality base outbound training with its strong and well-experienced team. With years of experience, we are oozing with the confidence that you are not making any wrong decision choosing us. We are going ahead with the vision of satisfying and serving the memorable outbound training.