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Destinations to Jordan

1 – Amman City – What I like about this city is it offers great shopping opportunities for both souvenirs & daily stuff. It’s also quite influential in terms of food, particularly pastries that are pretty irresistible. I would not recommend it highly for sightseeing though – a day is enough!

2 – The Dead Sea should be on top of your list if you want to witness the most unique geological phenomenon of Jordan. The panorama of Dead Sea is amongst the top 10 views you’ll ever find in the Middle East. Taking a bathe in the Dead sea will be greatly appreciated by your kids – floating on the water of Dead Sea is an adventure in itself.

3 – Madaba is a vital Christian city that provides a superb marketplace for local foods and handicrafts. Don’t miss out a walking tour while you are in this city. The latest resurgence of Mosaic schools offer the travelers with the chance to witness how mosaics are composed and to buy at decent prices.

4 – Close by, don’t miss out the Hammamat Ma’in, the popular thermal baths. The relaxing facilities available here enable you as well as your kids to relish the hot spring water after a tiresome day in Madaba.

5 – The Wadi Rum is a must if you wan to experience the desert life of Jordan. The landscape has a magic in it and the local nomadic populace will take you 1,000 years back in time. It’s also an excellent way to introduce your kids to alternative life-styles & the worth of cultural dissimilarities.

For the fortunate travelers who can afford a day or 2 in their travel itinerary to sleep over at one of the Bedouin desert camps, it could be a memorable way of uncovering the soul back to basics.

6 – Petra is the best you can get in Jordan. You should schedule a full-day trip to explore everything that Petra has to offer. The landscape here is pretty unique and plenty of archaeological spectacles to be discover.ed Exploring the thousand years old caves in Petra is a unique experience that you and your kids don’t want to miss.

Some of the best attractions that you don’t wish to miss during your Jordan tours to Petra are The Treasury, Street of Facades, The Royal Tombs, The Great Temple, The Monastery, etc. Though the entry fee to Petra is hefty, but it deserve the investment.

7 – Aquaba is recognized as the southern gem of Jordan. The beaches here are moderate, but the gulf feature much of the hidden fun. A ‘must-do’ activity when you are here in Aqaba is definitely scuba dive. You also don’t want to miss the incredible marine life available here.