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Surfing Beaches/spots in Honolulu

Here’s our pick of the best beaches/spots in Honolulu widely popular among professional as well as amateur surfers:

1.Banzai Pipeline: Located on Oahu’s North Shore, the Banzai Pipeline area often receives notoriously huge waves which break in shallow waters just above sharp reefs. The large curls of water provide an excellent opportunity for thrill-seeking surfers to ‘tube ride’. Banzai Pipeline is considered to be one of the most dangerous beaches in Hawaii but is quite popular among professional surfers and spectators.

2.Sandy Beach: The crystal clear waters of Sandy Beach is well-known among body surfers and boogie boarders. The perfect waves of this scintillating beach attract professionals as well as beginners equally. Water currents in this area are rarely rough and the waves are generally ideal for a professional to enjoy a great ride or for a beginner to practice and gain some skills.

3.Ala Moana Bowls: Receiving waves as high as 12 feet, the Ala Moana Bowls is the most popular beach amongst local surfers. Its strategic location between Sunset and Makaha makes it the most convenient place for locals to visit while returning from work. The Ala Moana Bowls usually gets crowded as the surf is really good here and also because there are several places nearby where you could grab a drink or enjoy some great local food.

4.Sunset Beach: Sunset Beach is famous for hosting the prestigious Vans Triple Crown of Surfing which is a part of the World Surf League. This beach is located on the North Shore of Oahu and receives giant waves, especially during the winters. The Sunset Beach has an amazing view but the waters are not recommended for beginners because of the extensive coral formations around the coast.

5.Waimea Bay: Yet another Gem of Oahu’s North Shore, this beach is quite popular for ‘big wave surfing’. The northern point of the bay receives the largest waves which are created by the winter storms in the North Pacific. The arrival of the winter storms to North Shore is forecasted accurately by the local weather department and therefore, several surfing competitions are organized in Waimea Bay and nearby beaches.