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Things to Research before going to Qinghai for Bird Watching

Here are a few things you need to research.

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  • Know About The Weather – The first thing that you need to research before visiting Qinghai is about its weather. To know about the weather you can browse the internet or some China-based travel magazine. Or else, you can also go to a reputed China tourism agency and ask them directly. Usually, most of the agencies that arrange China birding tour in Qinghai say that this province has a typical plateau continental climate, which means you will face climatic issues like drying, windiness, less rain, cold and long sunshine hours.
  • Know Where You Can Find Endemic Birds – Next thing that you need to know is about the best birding spots in this province. For this too, you need to research on the web and magazines. When I visited this province booking Qinghai bird watching tour, they said there are three main spots for bird-watching. And the spots were- Qinghai Lake Nature Reserve, Sanjiangyuan Reserve and Longbaotan Nature Reserve. You will seriously be able to see numerous birds in these areas.
  • Types Of Birds You Can See – Last but not the least, since you love birding, it will be best if you research about the types of birds found in this province. During my trip to Qinghai, some of the really eye-catchy and exotic birds that I came across were the Black stork, Lammergeier and White-tailed Eagle. To see these birds, best visit Longbaotan Nature Reserve in Qinghai during spring or summer.

These were the three things you need to research no matter how well-known the agency is from where you are booking the China Birding Tour package. So, do the research and fly to this lovely province for an amazing bird-watching experience.