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Tips visit Far North Queensland

If you’ve never visited tropical Queensland before, the following tips might prove to be of real value.

  • Book your accommodation ahead, particularly if visiting outside of November to May.

In the peak holiday season, the best Cairns and Palm Cove apartment accommodation will be booked up fast. Yes, the old “book early to avoid disappointment” is something of a cliche but in this area it’s sound advice.

  • Watch out for ‘special deal’ offers – they can be great!

Some cynics will tell you that ‘special deals’ involve people trying to offload the holidays nobody else wants. That is NOT TRUE! Holiday providers may have many reasons for discounting holidays – for example, perhaps they just need to keep up their booking quotas for a given period. So, keep your eyes open and save dollars!

  • Don’t disregard the ‘rainy season’.

Running normally from about November to May, the wetter time of year is also the quieter period. Prices may be lower and the resorts a little quieter. In the minds of some, that more than compensates for hotter days and the chance of a tropical shower.

  • Remember to take precautions against the tropical sun

Tropical heat can be very deceptive. Dehydration can occur if you’re careless and the sun can be very strong even if cooled by sea breezes. So, remember the screen cream and don’t overdo the time in the sun – particularly in the first day or so of your holiday.

  • Explore the countryside.

Given the marvellous seas, beaches, the Great Barrier Reef and luxury accommodation with (usually) superb water features, it’s perhaps understandable that many visitors don’t leave the coast.

That would be a pity, as there’s so much else to see in the surrounding countryside. Just take the Daintree Rainforest as one example! So, try and make the effort to get out and about inland while you’re there.

  • Obey the local sea bathing safety instructions

Most locals will tell you that a lot of discussion about stingers and sharks is wildly exaggerated by those who have little real knowledge or experience of the area.

However, this region is nature as it was created and just like all such locations, there are local safety instructions that all visitors and locals should comply with. Don’t make the mistake of ignoring them because you have suddenly decided that you know better.

  • Try out Cairns’ cultural side.

There are a significant number of galleries, theatres, concert halls and other such venues in Cairns. The cultural scene here is often widely under-sold by locals and that’s a pity because it’s excellent.

It should be easy to find a programme of events for the days/weeks you’re visiting so get out and explore the town’s highbrow nightlife. It’s great!

  • Leave your ‘dressy’ wardrobe at home – unless you really want to make an effort.

Almost all social life in this part of the coast is VERY relaxed and laid-back. Virtually nowhere requires formal dress, so if you want to save space in your suitcases, leave the DJs, evening dresses and cocktail frocks at home. You won’t need them.