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Travel Guide to Scandinavia

1. Incredible Natural Phenomena

The Northern Europe is home to some of the World’s spectacular natural phenomena. One of the most astonishing is the Northern Lights (also known as Aurora Borealis). This occurs when a large beam of electrons streams in along the magnetic field of the Earth and collides with the air particles. This creates a fluorescent reflection of light, which is just mesmerizing. Considered as one of the most spellbinding natural spectacles, this is one experience which you have to experience once in your lifetime.

Another one is Midnight Sun, during which sun is visible for a full 24 hours a day. The best place to experience Midnight Sun is North Cape in Norway, the northernmost point in Europe. Best time is mid-May to July end.

2. Paradise for Foodies

If you are a foodie and want to experience rich, authentic seafood, Scandinavia offers the best of the experience. Not only seafood, you can gorge on delicious open-faced sandwiches, which are just everywhere. You will also a wide range of bread varieties throughout. When in Sweden, do not miss out on the lip-smacking sandwich cakes, or Smorgastorta, which is literally a cake with layers of sandwiches.

3. Home of Skiing

Who doesn’t like adventure sports. And what’s more amazing than experience one in its place of origin. Yes, Norway, where skiing was invented, provides ample skiing opportunities for enthusiasts, from regular skiing, to ski jumping, biathlon and cross country skiing. Getting sporty isn’t limited to skiing only. You can indulge in some enthralling sailing across the lakes, oceans. This is one activity which Scandinavians truly love.

4. Feel the Snow – Love the Falling Rain

Located in Northern Europe, the weather is quite cold, especially in winter, when you will see sheets of snow everywhere. This is the perfect place to feel the calm, chilling snowfall, and cuddle up with your partner, or play around with your kids. Not just snow, the Scandinavians will tell you what rain is all about as this place receives a great amount of rainfall throughout. And what is amazing is that people just carry along, as it doesn’t affect anything at all.

5. Experience the Awesome Life of Scandinavians

If you want to experience what good quality of life is, then travel to Denmark, Norway, Sweden. From loving to cook and eat in the home rather than outside, to enjoy a smooth, fully operated public transport system, there is so much way better than other places.From basic amenities to high-level services and systems, everything is so perfectly organized. The cities, including streets, roads and all, are impressively clean and fresh-looking, each and every time.

Not just the daily routine, you will experience some amazing festivities here too, as evidenced by the Sweden’s midsummer festival. It involves dancing around the maypole and sing children’s songs. Girls sway around wearing flower crowns, all this is too much fun and entertaining.