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Various Mountain Expeditions in Nepal

Expedition to Mount Everest

The Mount Everest Expedition gives almost similar type of experience, as you may expect to receive via extended peak climbing activity, but it has a height of more than 8,000 meters. This is not any technical peak climbing; rather it is identical to extended type of trekking experience performed in Nepal. Climbing of Mount Everest requires enormous physical experience and creates the requirement of pushing the body to extreme and staying in unnatural place.

In addition, Everest Expedition may involve reaching beyond one’s normal physical abilities or people may get relatively short time to overcome from the death zone. Even mountaineers experience deprivation of oxygen, which force their bodies to breakdown slowly both mentally and physically. However, individuals, who succeed to deal with the mentioned tough process, will get enormous achievements and satisfaction for lifetime.

Manaslu Mountain Expedition

With the mountain peak of 8,000 meters height, Manaslu Expedition gives ultimate peak climbing adventure to individuals located in the Himalayan region. According to height, Manaslu is in eighth position and it belongs to the restricted trekking region named Manaslu in the Middle Western region of Nepal. It unfolds various diversified landscapes and gives trekkers with a challenging peak climbing experience.

Manaslu peak actually towers in steep way above nearby peaks and forms the most dominant and spectacular mountain while viewing from at a distance. In order to go for Manaslu trek or expedition, you have to be both mentally and physically strong, while at the same time, should possess highest possible climbing proficiency level and adeptness to high altitude and elevation.

Expedition to Cho Oyu Mountains

Cho Oyu Expedition is the perfect option and gives easy access to all individuals who have dreamed to climb one among the worldwide highest mountain peak of more than 8000 meters. Although, it is the sixth highest mountain peak of the earth, Cho Oyu incorporates highest rate of success among worldwide 14 highest mountain peaks of Himalayan region.

Here, individuals have to follow relatively short ascent and direct path to reach at the summit with limited technical sections to climb based on fixed lines. In other words, one cannot call the regular route here a technically difficult one. Other than this, access becomes far easy when individuals choose to reach the mountain by driving four wheelers and walking to the 1st camp in their hiking boots.