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Way safe is Tandem Paragliding in Tenerife

Generally, paragliding is considered to be safe if all information about the principals of the flight and the rules of the paragliding is collected and understood. It is essential to understand the factors such as wind, air pressure and visibility in order to have a safe paragliding experience. It is all about understanding the important aspects affecting the flight and the confidence or preparedness of the person. Tenerife is one of the most famous places for paragliding. There are many tour companies for paragliding Tenerife that provide complete training help with the sport. The following are a few safety precautions for a perfect paragliding experience:

  1. Proper Knowledge: Collection of all the factors that affect the flight is necessary for a safe paragliding experience. The knowledge about the ideal air pressure needed and the proper aviation of the paraglide is essential for a safe take off and landing of the paraglide.
  2. Understanding the navigation on the paraglide: There are handles to turn to the left or right. Understanding how to use them will help fly the paraglide safely.
  3. Breaks and Gas on the paraglide: The paraglide has breaks and gas controls that can be regulated by the pilot according to the requirement while flying. It is essential to gather complete knowledge of how and when to use these controls while flying.
  4. Using the Harness: The paraglide has a harness that ties the pilot safely to the paraglide. The harness is made of straps and clips that need to be tied around the legs and waist which forms a chair when in the air.

Facts about Tandem Paragliding

Here are a few interesting facts about paragliding Tenerife:

  1. Paragliding can be done in any weather. Only the visibility has to be checked before take-off.
  2. People weighing 40 kgs to 100 kgs can do paragliding without any problems.
  3. It is different from hand gliding and parasailing.
  4. It is as safe as driving once you are properly and completely educated about the principals and mechanism of the paraglide.
  5. There are hardly any cases of injury due to equipment failure as the equipment is not complex but simple to handle.
  6. Paraglide is considered to be the cheapest and simplest aircraft in the world.